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Our mission is to tell stories that elevate the home staging industry to become a real estate standard.


Why Should I Advertise on Home Staging TV?

Our viewers (your potential customers) are able to immediately engage with our content, through links, comments, and live participation. Our channel helps create awareness and action of your product or service.

Being featured on YouTube makes it possible for sponsors to benefit from the community we have established since 2010.

We are treating our YouTube channel as a television news channel. Each episode has a limited amount of sponsorship space, with a unique and targeted audience.

Who Should Become a Sponsor for HSTV?

We’re looking for sponsors who have a presence in the home staging, home improvement, and furnishing industries. Training providers, home staging tools, furnishing wholesalers, rental furnishing companies, home improvement providers, etc.

Where Can YOUR BRAND Be Seen On the HSTV Channel?

  • Up to 24x on-air mention per 12-month period
  • Add sponsor website link/affiliate link in the description box
  • A blog post featuring your brand on
  • Up to 2x selection subject matter of video per 12- month period
  • Up to 2x Tutorial or unboxing/full-line product review video includes week-long promotion with coming soon announcement, 3-variations of posts [*brand must provide full-size products for YouTube review] 3-5 minutes
  • Up to 2x product displayed as background prop/set décor
  • Promoting on social media channels (FB, IS, LI, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • Up to 1x add sponsor logo on top, middle or end of video per month
  • Be a featured channel on HSTV
  • Sponsors obtain playlist on the channel (with their own content)
  • On-site live/video at a sponsor’s event
  • Promoted on marketing emails


Contact us below to learn more about our sponsorship packages or create a custom package that works to promote your business.

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